Indian Actor Nana Patekar Issues Apology For Slapping A Fan: Video Goes Viral

In a recent video shared by news agency ANI, veteran Indian actor Nana Patekar addressed an incident that has been making waves on social media. The actor issued an apology for an unintended slap on a boy during the filming of his upcoming movie.

Here is the video of Nana Patekar slapping a fan while filming a shot for his upcoming movie.

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Indian Actor Nana Patekar Issues Apology For Slapping A Fan

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Misunderstood Scene Context:

  • Patekar explained that the incident occurred during a specific scene in the film where a boy approaches him and delivers a line about selling a hat.
  • Believing the boy to be a crew member participating in the scene, Patekar inadvertently slapped him, thinking it was part of the scripted sequence.

Limited Rehearsal Time

  • The actor clarified that the scene in question had only one rehearsal scheduled, with a second one planned.
  • The director, Anil Sharma, instructed Patekar to begin the scene, but before the second rehearsal could take place, the boy in question entered the scene unexpectedly.

Mistaken Identity:


  • Patekar expressed that he did not recognize the boy and assumed he was part of the film crew.
  • Acting in accordance with the scene, the actor proceeded to slap the boy, only later realizing that the individual was, in fact, a genuine fan and not a crew member.

Apology Response

  • Patekar’s apology has elicited mixed reactions from the public, with varying opinions on the actor’s explanation.
  • Social media platforms have been buzzing with discussions about the incident, and fans are expressing their views on the matter.

Director’s Statement:

  • The film’s director, Anil Sharma, had previously offered an explanation shortly after the video gained online traction.
  • Patekar’s apology follows Sharma’s clarification, adding another layer to the incident and sparking further conversation among fans and the film industry.

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