Rang Badlay Zindagi New Drama | New Pakistani Drama Rang Badlay Zindagi

Rang Badlay Zindagi New Drama: A new drama is going to start next week called Rang Badlay Zindagi. This drama is going to start on 16 October from Monday to Friday at 9 pm.

Rang Badlay Zindagi New Drama: Rang Badlay Zindagi drama will re-broadcast the first episode from Tuesday to Saturday at 4 pm on HUM TV

Which Actors We Are Going To See In Rang Badlay Zindagi?


We will see the following actors in a lead role in Rang Badly Zindagy:

  • Noor Hassan as Abdullah Baani
  • Omer Shazaad as Saif
  • Nawal Saeed As Maria
  • Noreen Gulabani As Umaima.

Rang Badlay Zindagi Teaser | Rang Badlay Zindagi Trailer

Following is a final teaser of Rang Badlay Zindagi:

New Pakistani Drama Rang Badlay Zindagi-Key Details

Get ready for an enthralling journey as “Rang Badlay Zindagi” unfolds, with a promising team of writers, director, and production houses, all set to captivate the audience with a compelling storyline.

Key details of his new drama are as follows:

  • Title: “Rang Badlay Zindagi”
    • A brand-new Pakistani drama series debuting soon.
  • Premiere Date:
    • The show is set to premiere on Monday, 16th October.
  • Air Time:
    • Catch it exclusively at 9:00 PM, making your Mondays more exciting.
  • Broadcasting Channel:
    • You can watch “Rang Badlay Zindagi” exclusively on #HUMTV.
  • Writers:
    • The creative minds behind the series are Uzma Iftikhar and Furqanullah Sahir.
  • Director:
    • Nain Maniar, an accomplished director, is at the helm, promising an engaging narrative.
  • Production:
    • The show is a collaborative effort of Moomal Entertainment and MD Productions, known for their quality content.

Noor Hassan Statement About This Upcoming Venture

FAQs | Rang Badlay Zindagi

When does “Rang Badlay Zindagi” make its debut?

The drama series “Rang Badlay Zindagi” premieres on Monday, 16th October.

What is the show’s airtime?

“Rang Badlay Zindagi” will be exclusively aired at 9:00 PM.

Where can I watch “Rang Badlay Zindagi”?

You can catch the series exclusively on #HUMTV.

Who are the writers of the series?

The show is written by Uzma Iftikhar and Furqanullah Sahir.

Who is directing “Rang Badlay Zindagi”?

The series is being directed by Nain Maniar.

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