Shahid Afridi Launches 10Z Sports Drink: A New Player In The Market

Famous Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi has stepped into the world of entrepreneurship with the launch of his very own sports drink, 10Z. The name ’10Z’ seems to pay homage to Afridi’s iconic jersey number, 10, and the letter ‘Z,’ which is associated with Gen-Z. In this article, we explore the details of this exciting new venture.

Shahid Afridi Launches 10Z Sports Drink

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Collaboration With Leading Brands

Shahid Afridi’s 10Z is not just any sports drink; it’s a product of collaboration with industry leaders. The venture has been developed in partnership with renowned companies like Mehran Bottlers, Apple Sidra, Pakola, and Vimto makers. This powerhouse collaboration is a significant step towards ensuring the product’s success.

Zeeshan Habib Teelii’s Enthusiasm

Zeeshan Habib Teelii, the CEO of Mehran Bottlers, expressed his excitement at partnering with the legendary cricketer. In a press release, he encouraged users and Shahid Afridi’s fans to embrace this new brand and help make it a resounding success. The 10Z brand carries the weight of high expectations.

Two Exciting Flavors

10Z sports drink will initially be available in two invigorating flavors: lemon and orange. These flavors have been thoughtfully selected to cater to a broad audience. Each flavor comes in a convenient 400 ml bottle, priced at just Rs 100. This decision was made after extensive research, taking into account both cost and volume considerations.

Facing Stiff Competition

The sports drink market already has formidable players, with Pepsi Co.’s Gatorade and Searle’s Vitamin Water being significant competitors. Notably, these established brands sell their products at a steep price of Rs 200 per 100ml bottle. In contrast, 10Z’s WOW can be yours for just Rs 100. It will be intriguing to see how this newcomer can find its footing in the competitive market.

Seizing the Fitness Trend

In a world that’s increasingly fitness-conscious, Shahid Afridi’s entry into the sports drink market aligns perfectly with the trend. The presence of a cricket legend in the business promises an exciting opportunity. 10Z is set to wave the flag of success, from Karachi to Khyber, in the ever-evolving fitness landscape.

Shahid Afridi’s 10Z sports drink is poised to make a significant impact in the market. With a strategic collaboration, affordable pricing, and a formidable presence in the industry, this venture promises to be one to watch. As it takes its first steps into the competitive world of sports drinks, all eyes will be on 10Z to see if it can truly establish itself as a game-changer.

FAQs | 10Z Sports Drink

10z by Shahid Afridi price in Pakistan?

The price for 10z by Shahid Afridi is PKR 100 only for a 400ml bottle.

Shahid Afridi brand name?

The brand name of Shahid Afridi’s energy drink is 10z. It is available in Lemon and Orange flavors across Pakistan.

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