Atif Aslam Donates PKR 15 Million To Alkhidmat For Palestinian Brothers

Atif Aslam, a famous singer from the music industry, won the people’s hearts by donating 15 million to the Gaza victims.

Recently, the charity organization Al Khidmat Foundation shared a lot through the website X (formerly Twitter). They said that the famous singer Atif Aslam has generously helped the Muslims of Gaza and thanked Atif Aslam.

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Singer Atif Aslam continues to help people as now he has donated 15 million for Gaza Muslims this is not the first time he has helped many people before. Atif Aslam prayed for the oppressed Palestinians and shared some messages on social media (Twitter).

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Here are some snaps of social media praise that Atif Aslam is getting for this generous move:

Here are some more tweets from other well-known personalities, encouraging donations and funds from all over the world for Palestinians cause and relief efforts.

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