WhatsApp To Stop Services On Old Android Phones

There is big news from the WhatsApp administration that now WhatsApp will not work on some mobile phones whose models are too old.

WhatsApp management has announced to stop the old Android phone services, WhatsApp will not run on Android 5.0 and later operating versions.

The management of WhatsApp has issued this notice just to fulfill the legal requirements that WhatsApp services will be stopped on old Android phones after October 24.

WhatsApp’s management has taken this decision as part of their commitment to legal compliance. The company has made it clear that WhatsApp services will be terminated on these older Android phones after October 24th.

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FAQs | Stop WhatsApp Services On Old Android Phones

What is the reason behind WhatsApp discontinuing its services on older Android phones?

WhatsApp is discontinuing its services on older Android phones to comply with legal requirements and to ensure the continued security and functionality of the application

When will WhatsApp stop working on these older Android devices?

. WhatsApp will no longer work on Android devices running version 5.0 and later after October 24.

Which Android devices are affected by this change?

Android devices running versions 5.0 and later will be affected by this change.

How will this affect users with older Android phones?

Users with older Android phones will no longer be able to use WhatsApp on their devices after the discontinuation date.

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