Influenza Virus Cases Increase In Karachi Day By Day

With the change of weather in Karachi, the Influenza virus is rapidly increasing, and many cases of the virus are reported in Karachi. So far, a large number of citizens in Karachi have been affected by this influenza virus. Every other person in the city is suffering from diseases like cough, fever, and cold.

Influenza Virus Cases Increase In Karachi Day By Day 2

The health department has issued instructions on the Influenza virus:

Doctors say that pregnant women and children over 65 years of age can be more affected by the influenza virus. Therefore, people should use masks when going out, cover their mouths, and wash their hands. And for some time reduced the communication between people to avoid the Influenza virus and not to infect more people.

The health department asks people not to touch their eyes, nose, and mouth, use masks, and eat nutritious food. The health department has appealed to the person suffering from the virus to stay in ventilation.

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